mStable Meta (MTA)

Governance token for the mStableDAO

mStable MTA Token

Meta (MTA) coordinates mStable’s decentralised governance, fosters long-term alignment for stakeholders, and creates value for the protocol and its users.  See MTA on Coingecko

What is mStable's governance token MTA used for?

MTA stakers earn staking rewards and can also earn boosted rewards across the protocol to incentivise long-term holders. By staking, MTA governors vote on the direction of the protocol, its parameters and funding.

How can I earn MTA tokens?

Anyone can earn MTA through mStable’s rewards: MTA Staking, Save Vaults, Feeder Pools, and the Grants Program.

Where can I buy mStable MTA?

MTA is traded on major exchanges like Huobi and FTX, and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.