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From debt markets to derivatives, finance is being rebuilt, repackaged, and shipped on Ethereum. This is decentralised finance (DeFi): open, transparent and built entirely with software.

Each DeFi application relies on assets that are compatible with smart contracts.

But today, tokenised assets are highly fragmented and display dangerously concentrated counter-party risk.

mStable is built to unite the tokenised asset economy into one standard that is more secure and usable than the sum of its parts.

DeFi needs sustainable and secure assets. Help us build them.


mStable assets

mStable assets are each backed 1:1 by a basket of existing tokens of the same asset type.

mStable unites existing tokenised assets into one optimised token per-peg.

Our first assets include a fiat currency (mUSD), a commodity (mGLD), and Bitcoin.

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Meta is the mStable system token that:

  • Pays redemption fees across mStable assets
  • Coordinates decentralised governance
  • Incentivises mStable asset growth

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mStable is a product that can be integrated into applications or exchanges as an SDK.

mStable unites tokenised assets for end users.

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Earn Rewards

Get notified when rewards begin

20% of Meta (MTA) will be paid out as part of this open reward pool.

Receive Meta for minting mStable assets. Minting is simply swapping tokens of equal value.

Receive additional Meta for contributing to DeFi.

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