mStable unites stablecoins, lending and swapping into one standard.

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By reducing complexity and fragmentation, mStable is a step-change in the usability of stablecoins.


mStable assets

mStable assets are liquidity shares that also function as stablecoins in their own right.

Our first asset is mUSD.

MINT mUSD assets with your stablecoin, at a 1:1 ratio

SAVE mUSD in the mStable savings contract

SWAP USD stablecoins at zero slippage

EARN DeFi ecosystem rewards with mStable

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Meta is the mStable protocol token that:

  • Earns mStable assets for insuring mStable
  • Rewards early users
  • Governs the mStable protocol

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mStable is a product that can be integrated into applications or exchanges as an SDK.

mStable unites stablecoins for end users.

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Earn Rewards

Get notified when rewards begin

Earn mStable's protocol token, Meta, when you contribute to mStable's growth.

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  • DeFi Pulse

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