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Trade and earn yield on your stablecoins on mStable, a decentralized and non-custodial protocol powered by $MTA

New MTA Yield

New opportunity to earn by providing MTA liquidity on Optimism Velodrome.

MTA Buyback

Burn MTA to receive stablecoin yield on Optimism. Swap fixed at $0.0318 USD / MTA.

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MTA Price

We are delighted to announce that mStable has been acquired by dHEDGE, a decentralized asset management platform.

This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for mStable, positioning us to become a leading yield vault aggregator across multiple chains and broaden our reach within the DeFi ecosystem.


Have a look at the future of mStable

Phase 1 - Increased Focus

  • High yield vaults on Optimism
  • MTA liquidity on Velodrome
  • MTA buy-back and burn
  • Long term support withdrawals

Phase 2 - Flatcoin

  • Flatcoin with no de-peg risk
  • More info soon

mStable Yield Products

New yield products to earn best in market yields.

Exit Legacy Products

Withdraw from your legacy mStable product positions.


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