The mStable Standard

A Decentralised Platform for Scalable & Risk Minimised Stable Assets

Layer 1
Stablecoin Ecosystem
Individual stablecoins suffer from fragmented liquidity and concentrated risk. Each trades off decentralisation, stability and scalability. Yet collectively, stablecoins are a strong, fast growing vertical displaying outstanding liquidity and innovation.
Layer 2
Diversified Baskets
mStable takes advantage of the collective strength of stablecoins by bundling them according to their asset type at a 1-1 ratio. mStable assets pool the liquidity of existing stablecoins while diversifying risk for the end user. mUSD and mGold are mStable’s initial assets.
Layer 3
A Robust System
Meta, mStable’s volatile system token, provides a layer of security beyond asset diversification and embeds the incentives required to govern a secure, decentralised system. The mStable Standard systemises stable baskets enabling the creation of truly scalable and robust stablecoins.

Liquid & Scalable

mStable pools liquidity of existing stablecoins. 1-1 backed and fully onchain.


No central point of failure. Adapts and changes parameters dynamically.

Risk Minimised

mStable assets are the most secure stablecoins to date, with three layers of defence.


The first decentralised multi-asset stablecoin system.


Collateral is visible at all times. Permissionless minting/redemption.


Tracks pegs more closely and is less volatile than underlying stablecoins.


James Simpson

Project Lead

Ryan Miller

Technical Lead

Alex Scott

Full-Stack Developer

Henrik Andersson

CIO, Apollo Capital

Tom Nash

CTO, Flex Dapps

Anthony Sassano

Co-Founder, EthHub
Product Marketing Manager, Set